My first blog

So this is my blog. Thecrazyparent. Because, well, I am crazy! Here’s a little more of my background story so you don’t get lost later on. I have 5 children. Lacee-11, Leland (buddy)-9, Lilee-8 from my ex husband. And Maddox-3, and Rilee 1 from Tony. Tony and I have been together 8 years so he’s been a father figure to the older ones. Tony and I have a very interesting history and I might get into that later but for now this is just my introduction. I live in a small town in Southern California where everybody knows everyone. I mean like if you shit someone’s going to hear about it. It’s hard to find true friends especially when you’re a mom. There’s constant mom shaming everywhere. Therefor I keep to myself and indulge on reality tv and watch other people shame each other. I was going to mention how much I love to clean but there’s no truth in that what so ever. I mean, I’m no hoarder but my laundry room gets to that level at times. I hate laundry. I hate hangers. Maybe that’s why I don’t like it but whatever. I’ve always been a messy person. I blame it on my mom and grandma. They enabled me so I guess the chain continues haha. Anyway, I’m trying to focus on this blog and the fighting begins. Sometimes they fight like wild dogs smh. Be right back!!!

ok I’m back. Fml. Hold on!!

When I was younger I raised pet rats. I loved them but I soon realized how fast they bred. I only had one cage so they took it over quickly. Pretty soon all they did was fight because there wasn’t enough space to do anything else. Thats where I’m at with my kids. Sounds horrible but the more you have the more likely they’ll bump heads. It’s super frustrating trying NOT to lose my shit. Trying to be 5 places at once while listening to 5 different voices. Motherhood is such a fucking roller coaster. I think I’m done for now. I need a drink.